what's it all about?

So how did this all come about? and what is it???  Well at the moment it is an idea - an idea about how to bring people together

I watched the below link about 'ICU Grandpa' and something clicked - this is a very simple act of kindness which benefits not just the child but also the individual giving the care.

I passionately believe that we all have an inherent need to care within us - whether that be for a plant, an animal or another person.

I know that lots of us REALLY care about our NHS and feel challenged and sad about the trouble that it is in. We also have a growing population of people who are increasingly lonely or need an extra purpose

It seems crazy to me that we have a system, which we all love, in the NHS, which could do with being supported by all of us - and we have groups of people who want and or need to give back and I am just trying to work out the most efficient and simplest way of getting these two groups together for everyone's benefit.