Off the starting blocks

So I decided the best way to starts is to reach out to people and share my idea...... to help people to navigate how to become a volunteer

I have had lots of positive feedback and advice - starting to really look around and do some research is making me realise that there is so much information - it is difficult to know where to start - a the beginning I guess!!  

Today I have had a really positive meeting with a NNU Manager, who responded to my e-mail and was happy for me to go and meet her in the hospital for a chat. What a lovely lady! She gave me lots of directions on who to speak to and what to do. She suggested I get the Bliss Champion training and volunteer on the unit supporting parents.

It became clear after our chat that so much has changed since my experience and many many things are done so much better now.

After our chat I spoke to the charity Bliss ( which is the charity for babies born premature or sick. They are a fantastic resource for parents and the NNU manager spoke so highly of them.

I also need to go through the hospitals voluntary services procedure – which I will give more detail on when I know it

So today this all feels a little overwhelming – I am a doer! Once I have made my mind up I want to get on and do! But there are quite rightly procedures which need to be followed and they take a little time– but I am keeping in mind the reason I am doing this. I would have loved to have the support of a volunteer when we were in the hospital and it will be very special to be able to personally offer that support when I have gone through all of the processes.


Kerry Prest