Power to the parents!

So last week I was invited to go to a meeting of a parents group at a local hospital. My name was passed through to them by voluntary services at the hospital as I had enquired about volunteering.

Wow what an eye opener - this group was formed over 10 years ago by a few mums who wanted to support each other having spent time in NNIU with their babies and what they have achieved in the years following is nothing short of amazing. At this meeting there were parent representatives along with nurses and senior management from the hospital. These parents have a 'chair at the table' and are really guiding and shaping the service provision for the better at this hospital!!! So inspiring

I shared my idea on trying to simplify the journey for volunteers from 'yes I want to do this' to getting their foot in the door. Everyone was in agreement that it could be beneficial and one mum told me how she had attempted volunteer and had not managed to get anywhere.

This is not to be negative about the service - it is overwhelmed and it would be great to support it better.

What is so positive and keeps coming up time and time again - there are so many people who want to help!!!!!

So next week I have an appointment with a hospital to do the first stage of the process - things are progressing

Kerry Prest