Finding some Bliss

So I have my hospital volunteering training booked in, which is going to cover things like infection control, health and safety, confidentiality etc - however I want to specifically work on the SCUBU ward as that is where I think I can put my experience and skills to best use.

Understandably you sometimes needs further specialist training to be able to be a volunteer in specific areas. So when I started looking into doing volunteering I was quickly told I would need to do the Bliss volunteering training course to be able to be on the SCUBU wards.

I have been working with Bliss ( over the past few months to secure a place on one of their courses and a place has come up next week! I am really excited to be able to take another step closer to getting on the ward.

I have a short call with the volunteer service manager at Bliss for her to be able to get to know me and ask a few questions. Now I have been sent the paperwork which I need to make with me to the 2 day course.

I have now got my DBS certificate through - so it is all coming together!

I was talking with a friend about her birth experience a few weeks ago and she reminded me, that she had also had a traumatic time. She shared how much she would have valued having a shoulder to lean on or someone to have a cuppa with during those moments where everything can seem so bleak ........ it is comments like this that continue to drive me forward

Check out the Bliss website if you are interested in volunteering with them - there are many different types of opportunity

Kerry Prest