Day 2 Training

Day 2 started much the same as Day 1, relaxed, fun and focused - there is a lot to cover!

Day 1 was more of a general look at the charity, the role and supporting parents. Day 2 was really getting into details around communication styles and the best ones to use in specific situations. We were given scenarios to work in different groups and consider how we might react or what would be the best thing to say or do. This allowed us to say the wrong thing in a safe environment and learn from it.

We spent a long time talking about person centred support and what that really means. Communication skills was understandably a key part of the day.

All of these skills are transferable - I will use them at work and at home as well as when I am on the unit supporting parents.

We also spent sometime talking about safeguarding and sign posting. 

I have skimmed the surface on the content of the two days but I think it gives you a good idea. The workshop has been carefully considered and put together to fully prepare volunteers. I have been on courses provided by employers, which have been less informative.

Between Lorna and the other ladies on the course, I can genuinely say I had a fun, informative, empowering two days. Bliss should be very proud of the work they do/are doing to prepare and support their volunteer army!

What I came away with, was a real sense of the responsibility all volunteering roles hold. Inevitably when volunteering you may encounter people at a vulnerable stage in their life (we have all been there haven't we - I certainly have) and it is very important that you as an individual provide the right support to that person, at that time. Getting it right could really make a difference in a person or peoples lives that they may not even realise until months or years later when they are in a better place.

That is really powerful and humbling

That is why I am doing this

To be continued........