And so it begins

Hey, my name is Kerry. I am a working mum of two small kids who has just been made redundant after 10 years with the company. It didn’t come as a huge shock but it is still a roller coaster of emotions right? It started with me as panic turned to anger, then resignation, sadness and then a huge sense of relief and positivity. Optimism about what the future could hold – I am really fed up with being a small cog in a huge machine, a number on a sheet that can be erased during a conversation around a table that I am not even sitting at. 

What causes me sadness is not the job itself – it is parting with a team which has been the best team I have ever worked in – so supportive and positive. We have faced so many challenges as a group – but also had so much fun. The job on the other hand………that was not making a difference in the world and that is what I would like to feel like I am doing, if I just made one person’s day a bit better – I would be delighted.

And that is how I have ended up here. 

Where is here????? 

I am embarking into the world of volunteering and navigating all of the systems and process on how to become a valued volunteer. Ultimately I want to be able to help guide other people through the process, as I truly believe that caring for another person, whether it be making a tea, providing a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen can change that person’s day, week, month and perspective. 

I believe there are many people willing to give care to those many who need it and I want to be able to lead one to the other

And so my experience begins…….. stay tuned


Kerry Prest