Choice is a funny word when it comes to birth and babies

I think I have explained part of the reason I started this journey - really just wanting to give something back - but also as I have experience of what it is like to have a new baby in NNU and also be on a completely separate ward to them, I can empathise how it feels when maybe everything has not gone to plan.

What I wouldn’t have given to have had someone to be able to say to me ‘I have been where you are, let me take you to see your baby’ and most importantly ‘everything will be ok’.

I could not get down to see our new son without my husband being at the hospital to wheel me down. I would do that all day long on a maternity ward - wheel mums up and down to see their newborns - I know the difference it can make. I know how it feels to be on a ward waiting for the consultant rounds, surrounded by new mums and their beautiful little bundles and to be the mum without my baby.

Choice is a funny word when it come to birth and babies - you very quickly realise that many choices can be taken away from you during and after birth - as someone who used to hold on to choice and control very tightly - the whole process was very difficult for me. Even more difficult when very small choices, I will change my baby now, I shall feed my baby now, I choose to cuddle my baby now are all taken away from you, due to circumstance.

So I would love to give a mum in that situation some choice and will happily deliver them to NNU for a cuddle with their baby as soon as I am signed off to!

Did circumstance take choice away from you? How did you manage to get through it?

Kerry Prest