Lets recap - simple steps

So my training day is booked in for a few weeks time - just a one day commitment. So far it has all been pretty simple to be honest - I am keen to use my personal experience on NNU to be able to help others and that will entail a little further training. I have had another mum reach out to me to say she wants to support me on this journey and to see what we can achieve together at the local hospital with regards to working out a simple training plan which each hospital can roll out to allow volunteers onto the NNU where appropriate and agreed - how brilliant is that!

So I thought at this point it might be useful to recap what I have done - to start to put together a simple plan for people to be able to have a look at;

So first step for volunteering in a hospital - have the thought it would be a good idea and be clear in your mind that you have an hour or two per week to spare

Then decide on the hospital you would like to volunteer at and find contact details - so these can be found on the hospitals website - usually under ‘being involved’ or ‘contact us’ - the volunteer pages are usually quite good and give you some explanation as to what is involved

Then there are a few steps so;

1 - Send email/ call/information hospital you are interested in volunteering - some hospitals may then invite you to attend a open day so you can find out a bit more about it or

2 - You will be invited in for an ‘interview’ with the Voluntary Services Manager. This is a get to know chat and a chance for you to ask questions - you will be asked to take ID and the DBS process will begin

3 - Once all of the relevant checks have been done you will be invited to a training day

4 - After you have done your training you will be invited to a placement meeting so you can agree on which role you will do

5. You will be given your uniform and ID badge and a start date!!!

It really is that easy. My advice would be to have a good think about where in the hospital you may want to help out, if you know, and be honest if there is anything you feel you just couldn’t face!!! Your honesty will be appreciated - it will NOT be frowned upon.

The whole process may taken 6 weeks - but don’t be put off by that - it really is just the time it takes for the paperwork to be done - keep in mind why you want to do this brilliant job and the difference you will make to a strangers day

Kerry Prest