All the boxes ticked

So I have done my training specific to the role I have chosen to do (supporting parents on the neonatal unit) but I must also do some induction training to allow me to 'work' within the hospital environment and so that was what I did this week.

The hospital run monthly inductions which cover a range of topics - some of which the volunteers  must attend. So the sessions I attended were health and safety, safe guarding adults, safe guarding children, infection control and fire safety. In total it was just over 1/2 day and so useful. Despite the fact you are a volunteer and so by nature not being paid, the hospital still have a responsibility to ensure your safety and you as a volunteer have a responsibility to follow certain procedures.

All of the sessions were really interesting and gave me plenty of food for thought with regards to how you must behave when on the unit (infection control being really key as I am sure you can imagine)

There were two particularly powerful sessions - safeguarding vulnerable adults & children and fire safety.  The key message for safeguarding was, IT IS EVERYBODY'S RESPONSIBILITY and we must all speak up if we have any concerns. This feels a bit scary - however what was so reassuring is that there is a dedicated team who are available to support the units and clear processes to follow and of course it would not be on the shoulders of just one individual. One statement which stuck with me ..... 'if you don't raise your concern to the correct person for them to investigate, you could be allowing a child or vulnerable adult to go home to a dangerous situation'  I hope to never have a concern - but if I do I know what to do.

The other session which made me think was fire safety - it suddenly dawned on me that this unit is on the second floor! Hopefully it will never happen - but should we ever have to evacuate how would we get all the incubators and parents out? Again all slight concerns alleviated with clear training and procedures.

So another great learning experience all skills which can/could/will be used in life outside of volunteering

Now to book in my first official visit to the unit!..........