All becoming a reality

Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on the amazing two day training course and completing the final stages of the online learning required before you think about getting onto the unit.

The online learning really has been to cement and think about what we learnt and discussed on the face to face course. 

I also had a call with the lady who will kind of a manager for me at Bliss. This is not to check up on me - more to support me as a volunteer. She is available to chat when you need to and actively encourages the volunteers to make sure they are taking good care of themselves - to be able to take care of others. We are looking for a date to have my induction on the unit 

My hospital training is on Tuesday, to learn about health and safety, infection control and so on ( I don't know much more - I will tell you about it when I have done it ;-)

So it is all starting to become a reality and I have to be honest, that is making me a little nervous. Now a start date is in sight, I am thinking, I hope I will know what to say, I hope I don't say the wrong thing, what if I get emotional in a very sad situation - human nature to worry about the things that may go wrong .So I flipped it to think about what can go right - what if I signpost a family to an organisation that really helps them out, what if I make a difference by just listening or by just being there - wearing the t-shirt of a charity that people will recognise and trust and that seeing that, just knowing the support is there if needed, gives someone reassurance. That all feels pretty good

Nerves are normal - It means we want to do a good job - fingers crossed I do