Fathers day

Today I am not only celebrating and grateful for my own Dad - but also my husband who is an amazing, supportive, protective, loving father.

I am also thinking about all of those Dad's who will have spent today on a neonatal or special baby care unit. When a baby arrives early - the attention goes to baby firstly and then to Mum - quite often Dad is forgotten a little. My own experience is that Dad is running around like a headless chicken, completely torn between the needs of his new child and his wife, who needs him maybe now more than ever, but is totally focused on her baby.

My husband was forced (by me) to leave me in the operating room whilst he accompanied our new son to special care. We had discussed, briefly, that should we have to be separated for any reason that I wanted him to go with the child - but the reality of that was not something either of us thought would happen and I could see at the time was extremely difficult for him.

In the days that followed he endured running errands that he would never get right in my eyes, buying equipment like breast pumps that he had no idea about, bringing in and washing endless clothes for me and baby, was subjected to barking calls asking where he was early in the morning as I could not get down to see our baby without him, an emotional wife who was very poorly and in the middle of all of this he was supposed to enjoy time bonding with his son!

He did a bloody marvellous job

I did not appreciate it at the time - looking back it was tough for him, maybe in different ways to me - but none the less still a very difficult situation, which we have all, thankfully, come out the other side of, healthy and happy.

So if you know any Dads who might be in a similar situation, just take them to one side for a coffee and ask them how they are doing.