why volunteer?


there are loads of reasons right?

I am going to start with my why - which I guess may resonate with lots of you - I would like to give back and do something to contribute to a system a really value (NHS)

But here are just a few others;

To help those who need to borrow your strength for a while

To make a real difference in someone’ life

To get a better quality of life for yourself – doing something with a real purpose for someone you don’t even know can be so rewarding

Expanding your social life by meeting new people and making new friends

Working in a team – maybe you work alone or are a stay at home mum and appreciate the social interaction volunteering would give for an hour or two a week

Supporting your local environment and community

Improve self-esteem and confidence

Tackle loneliness

It can help with employment, by allowing you to learn new skills and develop knowledge all of which can be added to your CV


I would love to know your why - drop me a line and let me know